Pneumatics & hydraulics Fundamentals of electric supply, voltage, current and power, transformers, AC and DC supply, polarity, magnetism, safety aspects, etc.
Test, operate and analyse the basic analogue and digital electronic circuits.
Production Process/Quality/ Maintenance Engineer
Introduction to Electric Vehicles (Basics and Parts Used)
  • Introduction to motors and their Torque Characteristics
  • Types of motors used in Electric Vehicles
  • Parts Used in EV - Chargers, Permanent Magnet Motor / BLDC, Inverter, Battery Charger, Battery, Regenerative Braking, Quick Charging.
Electrical/ Electronics/ Maintenance Engineer
Basic components of Electrical Connections, Limit Switch,Sensor Relay, Contactors & Relays DOL & Star/delta connection Control devices like Limit switch, Proximity sensor, photo sensor, LVDT, Encoder, Relay, and Solenoid valve etc. Motor control device connector - MCB, MPCB & other. Control transformer, Contactors, Types of Relays – SSR. Electrical/ Electronics/ Maintenance Engineer
Power & Control Wiring Knowledge of power & control wiring. Using tools, calibration equipment, and wires to build electrical systems. Control wiring relay logic, contactor, MCCB and its complete architecture. Understand and interpret different types drawings like electrical, pneumatic and P&ID diagrams. Electrical/ Electronics/ Maintenance Engineer
Maintenance Management
  • Pre-operational checks, routine maintenance, running repairs, simple trouble shooting.
  • Predictive maintenance, Preventive maintenance, BD percentage, MTBF, MTTR & Utilization.
  • CLIT - Cleaning, Lubrication, Inspection & Tightening Standards
  • Problem-solving skills. Diagnosing and repairing electrical & Electronics problems
Electrical/ Electronics/ Maintenance Engineer
circuit, switchegears, signals system and networks
  • Designing Electric Circuit , Signals , Systems & Networks
  • Electrical (Single line diagrams& MCC Panel wiring) & electronic circuits and its drawings. Test, operate & troubleshoot electronic based circuit.
  • Test basic electrical (MCBs, push buttons, relay, contactors)/electronic components (diodes, transistors, capacitors, coils, resistors etc.) using proper measuring instruments
Electrical/ Electronics/ Maintenance Engineer
Control panel designing
  • Familiarize with instrument drawing in sketching, identify instruments symbols and blocks diagrams of existing units in the plant.
  • Check Instrument and Panel Installation as per layout plan
Electrical/ Process/ Electronics/ Maintenance Engineer
plc & hmi
  • Introduction to PLC & HMI.
  • Execute and correct programs in PLC.
  • Communication of PLC with HMI.
  • Basics of PLC, VFD, starter, I/O card 24 V DC & ladder monitoring
Electrical/ Process/ Electronics/ Maintenance Engineer
  • DCS & SCADA system in the industry.
  • PC interface of intelligent devices
Electrical/ Process/ Electronics/ Maintenance Engineer
Instrumentation & calibration
  • Find faults, troubleshoot, calibrate, connect
  • Electrical & Electronic measuring instruments, Continuity Testers, meggers, earth resistance testers and multi meters etc.
  • Calibration of Measuring Instruments
Electrical/ Process/ Electronics/ Maintenance Engineer
  • Introduction to Motors
  • Overview of motor types / characteristics i.e. AC single phase and three phase induction motors, synchronous motors.
  • Principles of Operation of Motors
  • Motor Characteristics Test, connect with devices, start and control & Rotation of motors
Electrical/ Process/ Electronics/ Maintenance Engineer
  • Soldering like metal to metal, wire to wire, wires to plugs, wires to connectors, wires to component PCB and de-soldering work.
Electrical/ Process/ Electronics/ Maintenance Engineer
  • Basic Understanding of Drives , Its Application and problem Solving
Electrical/ Process/ Electronics/ Maintenance Engineer
Embedded systems, robotics, vlsi design and pcb design
  • Characteristic, Components & Type of Embedded System.
  • How to make different cool robots like android controlled robot, accelerometer controlled robot, Remote controlled, Bluetooth controlled robot and voice controlled robot.
  • How Integrated Circuits are made, how they are connected , Hardware description language, understanding and programming
Electrical/ Electronics/ Process Engineer
Basics of microprocessor
  • Pneumatics - Introduction, Air Cylinders, Air Compressors, FRL, Air Dryers, Direction & Flow control valve, Pneumatic circuits Basics of compressor, Chiller, air dryer its operation & maintenance.
  • Tool & crib -Auto shutoff tool, Pneumatic impact tool, Battery tool, Lump tool, Torque wrench etc.
  • Carry out Dismantling, Cleaning and Re-assembling of Air-Filters, Air Regulators. Connect pneumatic instruments & adjust as per nameplate.
Maintenance Engineer
Analog instrumets
  • Calibrate and Maintain field instruments (displacement, pressure, flow, level, temperature etc.) and panel instruments (indicator, controller, convertor, recorder) used in instrumentation field.
  • Dismantle, inspect, calibrate and assemble various Control Valves, Valve Positioner, Convertor, various types of final elements and actuators
Maintenance Engineer
Industrial automation
  • What is Industrial Automation
  • Type & Application of Automation
  • Benefits of Automation
Automation/ Production/ Process/Quality/ Maintenance Engineer