Our collaboration with Indian Telephone Industries Limited promises a platter of possibilities to the students.

From our standpoint, "Collaboration breeds innovation and success."

Over the past few months, Ccentric has created a series of different partnerships supporting its roadmap yet no example better demonstrates the same than our collaboration with Indian Telephone Industries Limited.

The purpose behind Ccentric's collaboration with Indian Telephone Industries

We at Ccentric fail to agree that the courses can be taught independently of industrial exposure.

We are quite clear on the fact that in this fast-paced setting, we don't want technicians; we need driven and educated engineers who have fingers on the pulse of the industry and our alliance with Indian Telephone Industries Limited ensures the same. Our students need to be equipped with a thorough understanding of the operational mode and the pace of the engineering industry.

We at Ccentric deeply realize that our mission of ensuring sufficient accessibility of skilled manpower to boost growth and productivity in the engineering, IT, and automotive sector can only be realized if we create academic-industry programs and collaborate with major enterprises like Indian Telephone Industries.

We fiercely believe that the industry-ready graduate pool can be only generated by building strong collaborations and partnerships with the technology industry through joint projects. Our partnership with Indian Telephone Industries Limited demonstrates just the same.

Benefits that our partnership with Indian Telephone Industries Limited brings to students

Our collaboration with Indian Telephone Industries Limited has a pivotal role to play in our pursuit of preparing students with engineering breadth to innovate, design and develop automotive and technology products.

Owing to this partnership, our students would get extensive access to the much-needed resources, infrastructure and tools which would, in turn, facilitate skills acquisIndian Telephone Industrieson process of students.

It will enhance their understanding of the machinery in use, the processes involved, any regulatory changes and the best industry practices.

During our this program in collaboration with Indian Telephone Industries, students will undergo meticulous training in in-demand and future technologies as well as enhanced problem-solving, analytical and crIndian Telephone Industriescal thinking skills.

Working with the diverse expertise and experienced mentors would help them have the pulse on emerging markets and would keep them abreast of the evolving trends in the industry.

In addition Telephone Industries on, it will help students to identify if they really enjoy working in industry and would help them in choosing a future career.

By partnering with Indian Telephone Industries, we are equipped enough to offer the students the optimized learning environment imperative for their career growth.

They will get to work alongside Indian Telephone Industries's staff in its dedicated laboratory and plant in Rae Bareli which will give them a detailed insight into industrial know-how.

It will give them a better and firm grasp of current industry practices, usage of equipment, safety norms to be followed, various unit operations, quality assurance procedures and plenty of other things which would not be possible otherwise.

Soft skills like effective communication, leadership, and time management would also be honed during this tenure to improve their performance and productivity which will come handy to them while they land a job in the company or when they need to crack job interviews.

This 4 months experience in Indian Telephone Industries will aid students better understand the telecommunications and engineering industry, become trained in highly skilled industrial applications and build a strong network with experts and fellows in the engineering field, which can posIndian Telephone Industriesvely contribute to their future career development.